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 Alan is originally from Maryville, Tennessee in the heart of Blount County. He traveled extensively while serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps and working for Ford Aerospace Corporation. The notion of travel has never been limited to professional obligations. Alan enjoys traveling on personal adventures with family and has many tales of history, art, sports, and relaxation. While the list of learning and fun is long he reminds family that there are plenty of journeys ahead for familiar and uncharted territory.  



While managing a contract in Europe Alan was notified that Ford was not awarded the contract extension. After pondering several options it was an easy decision to return to Maryville in the fall of 1989. He still resides there today.

Alan is a dependable, ethical, caring, and trusted leader, mentor, and team-builder with a passion to deliver customer-centric solutions and services aimed at increasing revenues, cutting costs, avoiding costs, increasing customer services, or all of the above.

His business acumen for over 30 years has yielded a track record for exceeding business goals while building many relationships to support customer service and operational functions within the financial services and national defense industries.



Some of his diverse capabilities include customer service, managing facility operations, product life cycle, service strategies, technology implementation, quality control, business continuity, and organizational efficiency in multi-location business structures. 

While Alan has been successful on many levels, he points out that it should never be overlooked that God, Country, and Family are the core values providing the fuel to strive for a better tomorrow professionally and personally. Alan recognizes that the personal accolades are a result of being on many wonderful teams of exceptional people. 

Proud to leverage this vast experience and knowledge for the betterment of my community with Maryville City Schools as a partner until retirement commences.

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